5 questions you should ask before you post

It can be really hard to keep on top of all the things we post online but taking a moment to think before you post helps prevent silly mistakes.   Ask yourself:

  1. What do I look like?

    If you didn’t know you, what would think about this post? What would you think about the person who posted it? Things that we might share with friends as a joke can look very different to someone else, and that might be someone you’re trying to impress – a girl, a boy, even an employer or a university recruiter.

  2. Is this ink permanent?

    When you share something online, you can lose control of it. Even if you delete a photo or post you can’t be sure it hasn’t been copied or downloaded by someone else. Think about how many people you’re sharing with and whether they will take care of what you share. Don’t forget it’s easy for other people to copy what you share online, change it and share it without you knowing.

  3. Am I giving away too much?

    The more you share, the more people can learn about you. Could they use your posts to bully you?

  4. Would I want this shared about me?

    It’s important to think about the impact what you post online might have on others. Do you have your friend’s permission to share that funny picture of them? Could that jokey comment you posted hurt someone’s feelings?

  5. The Billboard Test.

    Before you post something online, think: would you be happy to see it on a billboard where the rest of your school, your parents, your grandparents and neighbours could see it? If not, think twice about sharing online.


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