Seven motorists could be slapped with a £100 fine after flouting the law and driving down Stafford’s pedestrianised town centre.

In just over an hour on the evening of Saturday 5 August, seven motorists were stopped by officers carrying out the enforcement operation.

The crackdown was launched to deal with those who ignore road signs and drive through the town centre regardless. The roads concerned are Gaolgate Street, Greengate Street and Martin Street, but also include side streets.

Sgt Darren Burney, who is overseeing the initiative, said: “We chose this time on Saturday evening because the area was busy with pedestrians, and they are the people we are trying to protect.

“We will be carrying out a lot more enforcement over the coming weeks to ensure motorists get the message.

“We will also be targeting vehicles that continue to access South Walls – between Nationwide and the Royal Bank of Scotland – from Mill Bank as this is strictly for taxis and buses only.

“Vehicles have even been seen to contravene the No Entry sign coming from the other side.

“We are determined to make the town centre safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. Drivers cannot be allowed to contravene orders and signs simply for their own convenience.”

Those stopped on Saturday night will either be fined or offered an education course.

Drivers are reminded access to the roads is permitted for the following reasons: For loading and unloading goods (the goods would have to be of a size where it would be unreasonable to carry them any distance) and access for disabled drivers.

And if you are legitimately permitted to take your vehicle into the town centre, then your speed should be appropriate for the conditions. Vehicles should always give way to pedestrians.

There are no other circumstances in which members of the public are permitted to take their vehicles into the town centre.


Sourced From Staffordshire Police