Mark Smethurst

From as far back as an impressionable pre-teen, recording on cassette (ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about) Alan Freeman’s Top 40 show on a Sunday afternoon (Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic was a particular favourite back then) then recording my voice-over with a Sony (we were posh) microphone, I guess being here was always destined to happen!

It’s my mission to make your Wednesdays wonderful, with a great blend of music, features and a little bit of chat.

As has been picked up on (and picked on) by several presenters here, I am ever so slightly obsessed with the Rat Pack and ‘the chairman of the board’ Frank Sinatra, though I’m also impartial to a bit of 70’s disco & (pretty much) anything 80’s.

I’m also campaigning to get the station to provide a home for smooth jazz, and am working on another exciting programme for your weekend!

Away from CCR FM, I run a couple of businesses (including the award winning Time to Float – if you’ve read this far then I’m going to get a cheap plug in!) and try to travel as much as I can.

Look forward to your company every Wednesday between 1.00 & 4.00…

This is me at Machu Picchu


And this is it when I wasn’t there!

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