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Russ Cowdell is the Supreme Leader at Cannock Chase Radio 89.6 / 94 Fm, your real local radio station. “Some of you may also know me as the voice of the common man.  I’ve lived in Rugeley  on the edge of the forest of Cannock Chase all my life.”           [custom-facebook-feed […]

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Tim presents ‘The Red Thread’, Thursdays at 11pm, and ‘Feelgood Friday’, at 6pm ‘The Red Thread’ is so called because every song somehow connects to the next. Any possible way it can be connected he will use- artist, title, however he can. Some of the links are sensible, some are tenuous, and some are insane. […]

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From as far back as an impressionable pre-teen, recording on cassette (ask your parents if you don’t know what I’m talking about) Alan Freeman’s Top 40 show on a Sunday afternoon (Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic was a particular favourite back then) then recording my voice-over with a Sony (we were […]

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